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The Designer


The story of a girl and her doll

Vicky Star is the story of Magaly Claes, mother of two young children. Magaly has always been passionate about fashion and design. After working years for large prêt-à-porter fashion companies she acquired the experience and artisitc sensitivity to create her very own brand.

Her dauther Victoria’s fascination for handbags, from a very early age, was the catalyst for this company. Magaly’s dressing room was Victoria’s playroom! Handbags, scarfs, shoes were just what this little girl dreamt of.

« I remember seeing my little girl strutting around holding, in one hand, a handbag, much too big for her, and her doll in the other hand »


Watching, much amused, the behaviour of Victoria gave Magaly the inspiration to create a collection of accessories for little girls with identical copies for her doll. A little girl will thus match her doll. Both the doll and the little girl will be fashionable wearing accessories specifically and exclusively designed for them. What could be better than bringing together fashion and playtime, all this presented in a lovely package.

Magaly imagines and creates new models following the seasons and her desires. Each of these creations is identifiable thanks to a delicate embroidery. Collection is crafted in Portugal by carefully selected producers known for their know-how and uncompromising attention to detail.